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2022 SOPHE Arkansas Members


  • Jaimi Allen

  • Kimberly Ashley-Pauleu

  • Shannon Borchet

  • Crystal Brown

  • Theo Calloway

  • Miranda Chance

  • Teresa Conner

  • Janice Cooper, MD

  • Mary Cotton

  • Sarah Crawford

  • Sara Daniel

  • Denise Demers

  • Suzanne Dhall

  • Jacqueline Doss-Cola

  • Jayla Farmer

  • Lara Farrar

  • Riley Gambill

  • Jennifer Gan

  • Tori Gaston

  • Carla Gilbreath

  • Khariana Hobbs

  • Heather Hudson

  • Silvia Imanda

  • Trinia Issac

  • Kristy Jamerson

  • Mallory Jayroe

  • Shibani Lal

  • Katelyn Lazenby

  • Amie Lein

  • Jo Lewis

  • Anusha Majagi

  • Duston Morris

  • Quinyatta Mumford

  • Mary Caroline O Grady

  • Kristi Orr

  • Michelle Osborne

  • Nidhi Patel

  • Emily Paul

  • Morgan Perritt

  • Dawn Porter

  • Daniela Ramirez Aguilar

  • Allyson Richert

  • Quintina Robertson

  • Ariel Rogers

  • Kirsten Rumbold

  • Paige Sander

  • Brittany Savage

  • April Scribner

  • Anita Sego

  • Sharra Shavers

  • Cindy Sheeton

  • Dana Smith

  • Deedra Smith

  • Lorraine Stigar

  • Carla Ventura Canas

  • Lavonia Walker

  • Patricia Walsh

  • Debra Walters

  • Ariel Washington

  • Anna Weisenbach

  • Erin Wells

  • Jennifer Wharton

  • Sierra Whitbey

  • Danielle White

  • Shaquita Denise White

  • Jayda Williams

  • Olivia Wilson

  • Michelle Wynn

  • Ashley Young

  • Jennifer Alexander

  • Meagan Atchison

  • Raven Beck

  • Alexi Brewer

  • Bradi Brooks

  • Christa Brown

  • Tedric Campbell Jr.

  • Zoe Cattaneo

  • Shelby Darden

  • Salamatou Dioffo

  • Jessica Dulac

  • Alice Gardner

  • Katie Garner

  • Demicya Griffin

  • Barbara Hager

  • Jaron Hamilton

  • Betty Hubbard

  • Babara Jackson Haney

  • Jake Lever

  • Sakiera Malone

  • Sarah Alexandra Marshall

  • Teresa Martinez

  • Kim McCray

  • Christine McKenzie

  • Arrie Morris

  • Johnson O'Dell

  • Bryce Overman

  • Anna Quinn

  • Tyler Rose

  • Kristen Rowland

  • S Shakya

  • Laura Taylor

  • Alyssa Theroux

  • Destrye Thomas

  • J'Tyia Thomas

  • Ceciley Trevina

  • Travon Whiteside

  • Colby Wilson

Active Members

Join SOPHE Arkansas Now!

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Why Join?


Supporting the health education professionals who are working to create a healthier world.



SOPHE supports and unites a diverse group of health education professionals — researchers, partners, practitioners, students — who work to advance the field and serve as a voice for the public by advocating for their diverse health care needs.



SOPHE members refine and spread the interventions that matter most, ensuring that health education remains one of the most cost-effective ways to meet our complex and growing healthcare needs. 



SOPHE provides its members, and all those working to improve the world’s health, with the most credible and up-to-date information on public health and health education — what’s needed, what’s new, and what works.



Health education and health literacy are a critical part of a healthier America and world. Health education professionals help prevent disease, increase access, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.



To reinforce our base of support, expand our resources, and advance the field, we will target donors and partners who recognize the stake they have in promoting quality health education with a message platform that convinces them that SOPHE is the most authoritative and respected source of health education resources so that they increase their support for SOPHE and deepen their involvement in our campaigns and programs.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member: 

  • Discounted rates on continuing education units for Certified Health Education Specialists and Certified Public Health Educators

  • A quarterly newsletter with the latest information on health education research, program development and evaluation

  • Opportunity to participate in legislative action

  • Participation in Arkansas SOPHE planning meetings

  • Opportunity to attend the annual “ARSOPHE Health Education Conference”

  • Affiliation with national SOPHE

  • Opportunity to apply for college scholarships

  • Opportunity to know other members who are active at local, state and national levels

Membership Types

Individual Membership:

Individual membership is open to:

  • Any professional with a graduate or undergraduate degree from a formal education program; OR

  • A professional who is employed or functioning in a health education capacity; OR

  • An individual with professional education and experience as a health educator, who has been employed in the health education field for at least one year


Student Membership: 

Student membership is open to:

  • Any person enrolled full-time or part-time in a health education program, either as a graduate or undergraduate

  • A high school student involved in a health-related class, club, or organization

Become a Member! 

Why Join
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