SOPHE AR Mission

The mission of SOPHE AR is to promote, encourage, and contribute to the advancement of the health of all people through education and to enhance professionalism through the standards of professional preparation and practice of health education.


SOPHE AR Objectives

  • To influence health policies and programs in which there should be an identifiable health education component.

  • To develop standards for the professional preparation and practice of health education.

  • To encourage high quality practice through professional development, continuing education and training.

  • To stimulate research in health education programs and methods, including evaluation.

  • To assure that a mechanism for credentialing health educators exists and that it is used properly.

  • To increase career opportunities for health educators.

  • To maintain effective liaisons with other organizations having allied interests in health education.

  • To encourage the development/implementation of multi-strategy health education programs in schools, communities and work-sites.

Promote. Encourage. Contribute.