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Arkansas SOPHE: The Officers and Their Functions


Arkansas SOPHE: The Officers and Their Functions

The Bylaws prescribe that “...the Officers of Arkansas SOPHE shall be a President, a President-Elect, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Historian, a National Delegate, an Immediate Past President and Members- At-Large and the duties of the Officers shall be those usually pertaining to the offices held and other duties thatmay be assigned by the Board or prescribed by the Bylaws.”


A. President
Term Length: 1 year

The President is the principal officer of the Society and shall:

  1. Serve as Chairperson of the Executive Committee and preside at all meetings of the Board and at all the meetings of the membership.

  2. Be an ex-officio member of all committees established by the Board and shall perform such other duties as are usually required of a presiding officer.

  3. After becoming President, in consultation with the new Board, bring to the first meeting of the Boarda proposed agenda for the meeting, plans for the year’s program, a suggested slate for committees, with an indication of willingness to serve, and proposals for special committees to be considered by the Board.

  4. Appoint members to represent Arkansas SOPHE at the meetings of, or to serve as delegates to, other organizations and define for such representatives or delegates the position of Arkansas SOPHE and its Board on any issues that are likely to be considered.

  5. Notify all Committee Chairpersons of their appointment by the Board and obtain an acceptance.

  6. Appoint such special and/or temporary committees and make special assignments as may be directed by the Board or necessary. Approve all appointments of committee chairs.

  7. Fill such vacancies as may occur on any standing or special committee in consultation with the respective chairperson.

  8. Prepare a tentative agenda for each meeting of the Board and membership.

  9. Arrange to have committee chairperson invited, when feasible, to any Board meeting at which their reports are to be considered.

  10. Sign legal papers and letters necessary for the activities of the Society, other than those dealing with expenditures or the financial standing of Arkansas SOPHE.

  11. Follow up Board actions to ensure their implementation.

  12. Maintain contact with all committee chairpersons to ensure continued action and provide continuity and coordination.

  13. Be alert and sensitive to the feelings and wishes of members and transmit them to the Board for action.

  14. Keep the members of Arkansas SOPHE informed of Board decisions and actions.

  15. Provide orientation for the President-Elect so that he/she may become thoroughly familiar with Arkansas SOPHE’s operations, plans and actions throughout the year.

  16. Review with the President-Elect Arkansas SOPHE’s action plan, and prepare together a proposed program for the coming year.

  17. Send the in-coming President any pertinent SOPHE business files immediately after the Annual meeting.

  18. Prepare and submit the Annual Report of all pertinent Arkansas SOPHE activities in a format determined by National SOPHE to be presented at the National SOPHE annual meeting. Mail a copy to the membership.

  19. Prepare and submit at the appropriate time, a current chapter action plan with a request to be re-designated an official chapter of SOPHE, Inc.

  20. Be a member of the National Society for Public Health Education, Inc.

B. President-Elect

Term Length: 1 year

The President-Elect is a close associate of the President in carrying out the long range goals of Arkansas SOPHE and maintaining consistent policies and programs as officers change. It shall be the responsibility of the President-Elect to:

1. Work with the President in designing an action plan and a suggested           slate for all committees.

2. Become thoroughly familiar with the detailed operations of Arkansas           SOPHE including:

    a. The history, philosophy, goals, policies and functions.

    b. The organization, staff, responsibilities and functions of the Executive         Committee, including bookkeeping and banking systems.

    c. The duties and functions of each officer of Arkansas SOPHE.

    d. The committee structure, and charges to/and functions of each.

    e. The duties, functions, understandings and relationship of Arkansas             SOPHE with other organizations.

    f. The organization and submission of all Continuing Education events           to National SOPHE and the National Commission for Health                         Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC).

3. Work with the President in planning and executing Arkansas SOPHE           business.

4. Develop and carry out the procedures for keeping membership informed     of SOPHE Executive Committee business.

5. Sit on the monthly national SOPHE “Advocacy” conference calls.

6. Prepare a suggested budget for the coming year and set limits for               known major expenditures, in consultation with the upcoming President       and Treasurer.


This is to be completed prior to the annual meeting when his/her term as President commences. The budget must be approved by the Executive Committee at its first meeting following the installation of officers. Prepare, a tentative agenda for the organizational meeting of the new ExecutiveCommittee. Also, present to the new Executive Committee a plan for the year’s program.

7. Transfer pertinent files to the new President-Elect after the Annual               meeting.

8. Be a member of the National Society for Public Health Education, Inc.


C. Immediate Past President

Term Length: 1 year

It shall be the responsibility of the Immediate Past President to:

1. Serve as the official representative to the Planning Committee of the           Arkansas Public Health Association’s annual meeting. This includes           attending conference planning meetings, scheduling a speaker from           Arkansas SOPHE and applying for CHES CEUs for the conference.

2. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.

3. Serve as chairperson of the nominating committee whose purpose is as     follows:

    a. Prepare a single slate of candidates for the offices to be filled

    b. Inform nominees for President-elect, Vice-President, Secretary,                   Treasurer, Historian and National SOPHE Chapter Delegate to                   National SOPHE, Inc. of membership requirements.

    c. Provide each nominee with a written description of his/her                           responsibility and length of term.

    d. Submit slate in writing to membership at least 30 days prior to                     election, along with a proxy ballot form.

    e. Ensure that all Arkansas SOPHE members have only one vote.

4. Be a member of the National Society for Public Health Education, Inc.


D. Vice President
Term Length: 1 year

The Vice President is the second principal officer of the Society and shall:

1. Preside in the absence of the President and assume other necessary         functions absence may entail.

2. Serve as Program Chairperson including acting as chairperson of the         Continuing Education Committee. Act as coordinator in application and       approval for all Arkansas SOPHE sponsored or co-sponsored                     continuing education events as outlined in procedures for Continuing           Education Committee.

3. Prepare a report for submission at each Executive Committee meeting,       regarding the activities of the Continuing Education Committee and any     Arkansas SOPHE sponsored or co-sponsored events.

4. Assume the office of President should it fall vacant.

5. Assume such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive                 Committee or the President.

6. Circulate copies of pertinent correspondence to the President and               Executive Committee.

7. Sit on the monthly national SOPHE “Continuing Education” conference       calls.

8. Transfer pertinent files to the new Vice President after the Annual               Meeting.

9. Be a member of the National Society for Public Health Education, Inc.

E. Secretary
Term Length: 1 year

It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to:

  1. Record and publish the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and Arkansas SOPHE membership within one week of the meeting date. Copies of the minutes will be distributed to members as a guide for their committee actions.

  2. Carry on such official correspondence as may be directed.

  3. Orient incoming Secretary before the Annual Meeting. Transfer files immediately thereafter.

  4. Be a member of the National Society for Public Health Education, Inc.


F. Historian

Term Length: 3 years

It shall be the responsibility of the Historian to:

1. Maintain a record both written and photographical of AR SOPHE’s               activities.

2. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee

3. Serve as the Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee whose           purpose is as follows:

    a. Organize media coverage of chapter’s meetings and activities.

    b. Prepare and submit to the media, news releases related to                           Arkansas SOPHE or relevant health education activities.

    c. Prepare and distribute newsletter.

4. Be a member of the National Society for Public Health Education, Inc.

G. Chapter Delegate

Term Length: 2 years

The Chapter Delegate is an authorized representative, elected by his/her Chapter, to the House of Delegates. The Chapter Delegate will be a Chapter officer or Executive Committee member and must be a Fellow in good standing of the (National) Society, and has the responsibility to:

1. Serve as liaison between his/her chapter and the National Society.

2. Represent that Chapter at all meetings of the House of Delegates.

3. Communicate House deliberations to the Chapter and its concerns to         the House.

4. Represent the Chapter President and report to him/her.

5. Sit on the monthly national SOPHE “House of Delegates” conference         calls.

6. Report, annually, the plans, and accomplishments of the Chapter to the House.

  • The official written report remains the responsibility of the Chapter President, however.

7. Be a member of the National Society for Public Health Education, Inc.


H. Treasurer

Term Length: 2 years

It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to:

1. Confer with the outgoing Treasurer on the early transfer of funds and           records.

2. Arrange with the President for the payment of all bills upon receipt which have been specifically budgeted.

3. Arrange with the President for bills not specifically budgeted to be referred to the Executive Committee for approval.

4. With the President’s assistance and cooperation, prepare necessary reports:

a. A complete financial report for each Executive Committee and                     membership meeting.

b. An annual financial report at the end of each year for the membership.

c. Such other financial statements as the President or Executive Committee may require.

5. Notify officers and appropriate committee chairpersons of budget limitations that may affect their planned activities.

6. Prior to the Annual Meeting, in consultation with the President and Executive Committee, prepare a proposed budget for the coming year setting limits on major known expenditures.

7. Chair the Finance Committee.

    a. Audit the books in a manner determined by the Executive Committee

    b. Study and suggest financial policies of the organization

    c. Conduct an internal audit and prepare a financial report of the year’s           business following the Annual meeting.

    d. Report on the financial status of the organization at the annual                     meeting.

    e. Determine dues with the approval of the Executive Committee and             voted upon by the membership.

     f. Serve as a resource to other committees in areas of budget planning.

8. Officially transfer funds and records to incoming Treasurer as soon as         possible after the Annual Meeting.

9. Be a member of the National Society for Public Health Education, Inc


I. Members-At-Large

Term Length: 2 years

It shall be the responsibility of the members-at-large to:

1. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee as representatives of         the general membership.

2. Serve individually as the Chairperson for one of the following                       committees and work with the President to establish/recruit committee         members:




    -Professional Standards and Practice

    -SOPHE Conference

    -Grants and Finance



a. Review the Arkansas SOPHE bylaws for needed revisions and update       annually.

b. Monitor the National SOPHE, Inc. bylaws and Arkansas SOPHE bylaws     to ensure that there is no conflict.

c. Initiate and accept recommendations for bylaws changes.

d. Submit proposed changes to the Executive Committee.

e. Submit in writing to membership proposed Arkansas SOPHE bylaw             changes, approved by the Executive Committee, thirty days prior to             action taken by the membership.



a. Solicit from the membership nominations of individuals, groups, agencies, institutions and organizations to be considered for a citation for outstanding contributions to health education.

b. Screen nominees and submit a recommendation to the Executive Committee.

c. Assume responsibility for preparing the citations to be awarded and determine who will present the award.

d. Forego awards during years in office.

e. Assume responsibility for reviewing and revising the paperwork for the Dick Jones Memorial Scholarship and sending notification to universities that the scholarship is available.

 f. Organize reviewers for the scholarship applications, notify applicants of review committee results and notify Treasurer of recipient.

g. Forego applying for the scholarship during years in office.



a. Recruit new members.

b. Review applications for membership.

c. Determine eligibility of applicants by the approval of a quorum consisting of 1/3 of the committee.

d. Notify prospective applicants in writing of approval or disapproval of the applications.

e. Notify the Executive Committee if the required 15 national SOPHE Fellows in good standing who identify with the chapter as dues paying Active Members is not sustained.

f. Encourage membership in National SOPHE.


Professional Preparation and Standards of Practice

a. Study, plan for, provide consultation and otherwise promote high standards of professional education.

b. Promote high standards of practice.

c. Plan and/or assist with other programs as appropriate during the year.

d. Update lists of past and present projects and submit to Historian yearly.


Arkansas SOPHE Conference

a. Organize and chair a Conference Planning Committee to be responsible for securing volunteers, presenters, exhibitors, sponsors, and a location and logistics for the event.

b. Ensure that all Conference preparation activities are being completed in a timely manner.

c. Update the Arkansas SOPHE Executive Committee, as well as general membership on Conference Committee activities.

d. Work with the Arkansas SOPHE Treasurer on conference budget and provide financial reports to membership.

e. Complete a post conference evaluation to be presented to the membership.

f.  Maintain all conference records/documentation to pass on to future Conference Chair.


Grants and Finance

a. Organize and chair a Grants and Finance Committee to be responsible for researching and reviewing potential grant opportunities available state-wide and nationally.

b. Work with Grants Committee to prepare and submit grant proposals approved by the Arkansas SOPHE Executive Committee.

c. Monitor all activities related to grants received by Arkansas SOPHE to ensure funds are being used appropriately and required activities are being completed during the grant period.

d. Report all grant activities to the Arkansas SOPHE Executive Board and Arkansas SOPHE general membership.


Revised 2/5/2011