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Arkansas SOPHE: Bylaws


Arkansas Chapter of the Society for Public Health Education, Inc.


The Society for Public Health Education, Inc. (SOPHE), founded in 1950 is a national professional association of health educators. The Arkansas Chapter, founded in 1990, is a state professional organization for health educators whose mission is to promote, encourage and contribute to the advancement of the health of all people through education. This is accomplished through development of initiatives to raise the standards of professional preparation and practice of health education, and collaborative linkage with other organizations, in the pursuit of common goals and concerns in the areas of health and health education.


Arkansas Chapter of the Society for Public Health Education, Inc.

ARTICLE II - Membership

Section 1 - Categories

A. The membership shall consist of active, student, distinguished or honorary, emeritus, and sustaining members.

Section 2- Eligibility

A. Active Member: a health educator who possesses one or more of the following characteristics:

1. A professional with a graduate or undergraduate degree from a formal health education program.

2. A professional who is employed or is functioning in a health education capacity.

3. An individual with professional education and experience as a health educator, who has been employed in the health field for at least one year.

B. Student Member: A person enrolled full-time or part-time, either as a graduate or undergraduate, in a health education program.

C. Distinguished or Honorary Member: A person whose contribution to   the field of health education or to public health entitles the person to the highest recognition give by the Chapter. When that person is a member of the Chapter in good standing, the designation of distinguished member will apply.


D. Emeritus Member: An active member in good standing upon retirement from full-time gainful employment.

E. Sustaining Member: An agency or organization devoting, as part of   its business or activity, a significant portion of its time to advancing the health of the public. It shall support the goals and activities of ARSOPHE. It shall not use the ARSOPHE name or logo, other announcements or statements of the Chapter for advertising purposes. A Sustaining Member shall not have voting privileges at either the state or national level, but shall be eligible to send a representative to state and national meetings, participate in these meetings without vote and receive all mailing to the membership.

Section 3 - Dues

A. Active Members are responsible for payment of dues as determined by the Finance Committee, approved by the Executive Committeeand voted upon by the membership.


B. Student Members shall have a discounted membership rate set by the Executive Committee. 


C. Emeritus Members shall pay no membership dues.


D. Active Members who also hold Membership as National SOPHE fellows shall have a discounted membership rate set by the Executive Committee.

Section 4 - Discontinuance and Reinstatement of Membership


A. Any member whose dues are not paid by 30 days past the annual renewal day, shall be dropped from membership. To be reinstated as an Active Member he or she shall pay a reinstatement fee, as determined by the Finance and Membership Committees, in addition to the membership fee for the current year.


B. The right of a member to vote, and all rights, title, and interest both legal and equitable, of a member in or to the Corporation or its property, shall cease on the termination of his/her membership.

ARTICLE III – Composition – Duties – Vacancies

Section 1- Composition


A. The Officers of the Chapter shall be a President, a President-Elect, a Past President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Chapter Delegate and a Historian. 

B. No individual shall hold more than one office at the same time.


C. Officers and Executive Committee Members may be removed from office, with or without cause, by a two thirds vote of the Executive Committee. Advance notice of the vote shall be given to Arkansas SOPHE membership at least one week prior to the action. This action may be initiated when, in the judgment of the Executive Committee, the actions of the Officer are in conflict with the organization’s best interest and the interest of its membership. Action may also be taken for negligence of official responsibilities for an excessive period or violation of the responsibilities of office.


Section 2 - Duties

A. The duties of the officers shall be those usually pertaining to the offices held and any other duties that may be assigned by the Executive Committee, prescribed in the Bylaws or in The Officers and Their Functions document.

Section 3- Vacancies

A. If any office of the Chapter becomes vacant by health, resignation, disqualification, or any other cause the Executive Committee may elect an officer to fill such vacancy. The officer so elected shall serve until the next annual meeting.

ARTICLE IV - Nomination and Election of Officers, Members-At-Large, and Chapter Delegates

Section 1- Nominations

A. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a single slate of candidates for the positions to be filled including the Officers, Members-at-Large and the Chapter Delegate to National SOPHE, Inc. and shall submit these names to the membership 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

B. Nominations from the floor shall be honored and such names added to the ballot if acceptable to the nominee.

Section 2- Elections

A. The Officers and the Members-at-Large shall be elected by the membership of the Chapter. 

B. All members of the Executive Committee shall be from the membership of ARSOPHE.


C. All elections shall be marked by ballot or proxy of the membership at the Annual Meeting. 


D. The Officers shall be National SOPHE Fellows in good standing.


E. The President, President-Elect, Vice President, Past President, and Secretary shall be elected for a term beginning at the beginning of the fiscal year and continuing for a term of one year or until a successor is chosen.

F. The Treasurer and Chapter Delegate to the National SOPHE House of Delegates shall be elected for a term of two years.


G. The Historian shall be elected for a term of three years.

H. Six Members-at-large shall represent the members on the Executive Committee, two to be elected each year for a two-year term.

ARTICLE V - Meetings


Section 1 - Meetings of Membership


A. There shall be no less than two meetings of the membership per year.

B. Continuing professional education opportunities shall be included in at least one of the meetings. 


C. Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Executive Committee acting alone or by the Executive Committee upon petition by one-third of the membership.


D. At any meeting of the Chapter, one-third of the members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.


E. The time and place of each Annual Meeting shall be fixed by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Program Committee. It shall be held not later than 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting of National SOPHE, Inc.

F. The election of Officers, Members-at-Large and the Chapter Delegate to National SOPHE, Inc. shall be held at the Annual Meeting.


G. Notice of the Annual Meeting or any special meetings shall be sent to each member of the Chapter at least one month prior to the date of the meeting.


Section 2 - Voting


A. At each meeting of the Chapter, each member shall be entitled to one vote, whether in person or by proxy.


B. All elections shall be held and all questions decided, providing a quorum is present, by a majority vote of the members present in person or by proxy, (duly appointed by instrument in writing subscribed by such member and bearing a date not more than eleven months prior to said meeting).


ARTICLE VI - Committees


Section 1 - Types of Committees

The following standing committees shall be established:


A. Executive

B. Bylaws 

C. Citation 

D. Finance

E. Membership

F.  Nominating

G. Professional Preparation and Standards of Practice

H. Program

I.  Public Relations

J. Advocacy

K. SOPHE Conference 

L. Grants and Finance


Section 2 - Voting


A. The business and affairs of the Chapter shall be guided and coordinated by an Executive Committee, which shall be composed of the Officers (President, the President-Elect, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Historian, the Past President, the Chapter Delegate) and six Members-at-Large.


B. The Chairperson of each committee shall be selected from the membership by the Executive Committee, or be appointed by the President with approval of the Executive Committee.


C. All persons serving as a member of a committee must have paid membership dues for the current year.

Section 3 - Duties of the Committees


A. All Committees shall:

1. Provide a written report of committee activities at the Annual Meeting.


2. Provide funding requests to the finance committee to be included in the annual budget.


3. Obtain Executive Committee approval of projects and budget requests.


4. Keep the membership informed about committee activities through the ARSOPHE newsletter and website.


5. Maintain committee activity files to pass on to new committee members.


Section 4- Description of the Committees


A. The Executive Committee shall:

1. Consist of the President, the President-Elect, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Historian, the Past President, six Members-at-Large, and the Chapter Delegate to National SOPHE, Inc. Committee Chairs will serve as non-voting members of the Executive Committee.


2. Hold a minimum of two meetings each year. One-third of the Committee shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum. The act of a majority of the members present at any meeting at which there is a quorum shall be the act of the Executive Committee


3. Direct the administrative work of the Chapter.

4. Carry out policies of the Chapter as expressed by the membership.

5. Approve the appointment of Committee Chairs, as recommended by the President.

6. Exercise all the corporate powers as provided for in these by-laws and in the laws of the State of Arkansas.


7. Submit annually a written report of the Chapter activities in a format requested by National SOPHE, Inc. for review at their annual meetings. The Chapter’s annual report or summary of such shall also be distributed to the membership.


8. Present at the Annual Meeting of the Chapter a written report, verified by the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, or by a Majority of the Executive Committee.


9. Review the criteria for chapter affiliation with National SOPHE, Inc. Submit to National SOPHE, Inc., at appropriate times, a current chapter action plan with a request to be designated or re-designated an official chapter of SOPHE, Inc.

B. The Bylaws Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by a Member at Large.


2. Review the ARSOPHE by-laws for needed revisions and update annually.

3. Monitor the National SOPHE, Inc. By-laws and AR SOPHE, Inc. By-laws to ensure that there is no conflict.


4. Initiate and accept recommendations for by-law changes.


5. Submit proposed changed to the Executive Committee.


​6. Submit in writing to membership proposed ARSOPHE By-law changes, approved by the Executive committee, thirty days prior to action taken by the membership.


C. The Citation Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by a Member at Large.

2. Solicit from the membership nominations of individuals, groups, agencies, institutions and organizations to be considered for a citation for outstanding contributions to health education.

3. Randomly select ARSOPHE members to serve on the Awards Review Committee.

4. Submit nomination applications to the Awards Review Committee.

5. Submit the selection from the Awards Review Committee to the Executive Committee.

6. Assume responsibility for preparing the citations to be awarded and determine who will present the award.


7. Forego awards in years when it is appropriate.

8. Coordinate the Dick Jones Memorial Scholarship including sending the application to membership, reviewing applicants and announcing the recipient of the scholarship award.

D. The Finance Committee shall:

1. Audit the books in a manner determined by the Executive Committee.


2. Study and suggest the financial policies of the organization.


3. Conduct an internal audit and prepare a financial report of the year’s business following the Annual meeting at which the committee’s term ends.

4. Report on the financial status of the organization to date at the Annual Meeting.

5. Determine dues with approval by the Executive Committee and voted upon by the membership.

6. Prepare a budget proposal for approval by the Executive Committee prior to the Committee Meeting.

7. Serve as a resource to other committees in areas of budget planning.

E. The Membership Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by a Member at Large.

2. Actively recruit new members.

3. Review applications for membership.

4. Notify prospective applicants in writing of approval or disapproval of the applications.

5. Notify the Executive Committee if the required 15 national SOPHE Fellows in good standing who identify with the chapter as dues paying Active Members is not sustained.

6. Encourage membership in National SOPHE.


7. Coordinate the "Student Mentoring Program" and solicit professional and student members to participate in the program.

F. The Nominating Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by the immediate Past President of ARSOPHE.

2. Prepare a single slate of candidates for offices to be filled.


3. Inform nominees for President-Elect, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary Treasurer, Historian and National SOPHE Chapter Delegate of National SOPHE, Inc. membership requirements.

4. Provide each nominee with a written description of his/her responsibility and length of term.

5. Submit slate in writing to membership at least 30 days prior to election, along with a proxy ballot form.

6. Make written ballots available at the annual meeting.

7. Ensure that all ARSOPHE members have only one vote.

G. The Professional Preparation and Standards of Practice Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by a Member at Large.

2. Study, plan for, provide consultation and otherwise promote high standards of professional education.

3. Promote high standards of practice.

4. Plan and/or assist with other programs as appropriate during the year.

​5. Update lists of past and present projects and submit to Historian yearly.

6. Annually coordinate study sessions for the CHES exam.

H. The Program Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by the Vice-President.

2. Assure that all instructions from national SOPHE are carried out by Arkansas SOPHE as required regarding the approval of continuing education events.


3. Review continuing education applications for approval as outlined in procedures from national SOPHE.


4. Work to award CEU’s when appropriate.


I. The Public Relations Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by the Historian.


2. Organize media coverage of chapter’s meetings and activities.


3. Prepare and submit to the media, news releases related to ARSOPHE or relevant health education issues. News releases related to advocacy issues should be coordinated with the Advocacy Committee chaired by the President Elect.


4. Solicit articles for and prepare a quarterly ARSOPHE newsletter.


5. Provide regular updates for the ARSOPHE website to the webmaster.

J. Advocacy Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by the President Elect.

2. Identify and prioritize advocacy issues related to public health education, as well as those to be addressed and supported by ARSOPHE. Develop and sustain collaborative partnerships with public, private, and state organizations on health education advocacy initiatives.

3. Maintain open communication channels with National SOPHE, ARSOPHE members and other partners regarding advocacy issues/alerts.

4. Work with the Public Relations Committee chaired by the Historian to issue news releases related to advocacy issues.


5. Participate and be present for national SOPHE “Advocacy” conference calls or designate a proxy to sit in on the call.

K. ARSOPHE Conference Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by a Member at Large.

2. Secure volunteers, presenters, exhibitors, sponsors, and a location and logistics for the event.

3. Ensure that all Conference preparation activities are being completed in a timely manner. 


4. Update the ARSOPHE Executive Committee, as well as general membership on Conference Committee activities.

5. Work with the ARSOPHE Treasurer on Conference budget and provide financial reports to ARSOPHE membership.

6. Complete a post Conference evaluation to be presented to the ARSOPHE membership.

7. Maintain all Conference Records/Documentation to pass on to future Conference Chair and committee.

8. The Chair and/or Co-Chair of the Arkansas SOPHE Conference will be exempt from paying registration fees for the conference.

L. Grants and Finance Committee:

1. Be chaired by a Member at Large.

2. Be responsible for researching and reviewing potential grant opportunities available state-wide and nationally.

3. Prepare and submit grant proposals approved by the ARSOPHE Executive Committee.


4. Monitor all activities related to grants received by ARSOPHE to ensure funds are being used appropriately and required activities are being completed during the grant period.

5. Report all grant activities to the ARSOPHE Executive Board and ARSOPHE general membership.

ARTICLE VII - Affiliation

By vote of the Membership, the Chapter shall affiliate with selective State organizations. Affiliate representatives shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to serve a two year term.




Section 1- Fiscal Year

Fiscal year of the Chapter shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

Section 2- Expenditures and Deposits

A. Expenditures of the Chapter funds shall be made only when specifically authorized by a vote of the Executive Committee or under a budget approved by the Executive Committee.

B. Any expenditure that is in excess of the amount must have Executive Committee approval before any encumbrance is made.

C. All expenditures (even those approved through the budget process) that will later be reimbursed by revenues must have prior approval of the ARSOPHE Executive Committee before any contract or commitments can be made.

D. Any encumbrance made without the express approval of the Executive Committee shall not be the liability of ARSOPHE.

E. All monies received by the Chapter shall be deposited to the account of the Chapter. The President and/or Treasurer shall be given authority for signing checks on behalf of the Chapter.


Section 3 - Accounting

A. The books of the Chapter shall be audited in a manner determined   by the Executive Committee prior to or at the time of the Annual Meeting, and by the Finance Committee.

B. An audit should be conducted immediately prior to the transfer of the financial books of the Chapter to a newly elected Treasurer.

Section 4- Finance Committee

A. The elected Treasurer shall serve as a nonvoting ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.


Section 5- Solicitations

A. Committees proposing the solicitation of funds and/or setting fees for ARSOPHE activities (for example: registration fees, exhibitors fees) must first secure the approval of the ARSOPHE Executive Committee before the amount of any such fee or solicitation is established.

B. Any correspondence soliciting funds on behalf of ARSOPHE shall first secure the approval of the Executive Committee and secondly, shall secure the signature of the President of ARSOPHE.

C. Copies of all such correspondence shall be sent to the Treasurer for proper accounting.

ARTICLE IX - Publications


Any committee or individual member of the Chapter may publish a report, provided that publication has been approved by the Executive Committee. The Chapter may publish or sponsor the publications of periodicals, monographs, or books. Such publications or sponsorships shall be authorized by the Executive Committee and approved by the membership.


ARTICLE X - Amendments


Proposed amendments may be suggested by any member or initiated by the Executive Committee and presented to the Memberships at least 30 days before any meeting of the Chapter. A quorum, consisting of one- third of the Membership in good standing, must be present before a vote can be taken.

ARTICLE XI - Chapter Affiliation with SOPHE, Inc. 


Section 1- Designation


Chapters shall be designated by the Board for a three-year period on the basis of an application which shall include:

A. A listing of at least fifteen SOPHE Fellows in good standing, who identify with the chapter as paying members.

B. A well-defined designation of the geographic area covered by the Chapter.

C. An action plan which describes the Chapter activities.


D. Ability to send an elected delegate to the House of Delegates.

Section 2 – Review Process

A. A letter of request to be re-designated.


B. A current listing of at least fifteen SOPHE Fellows in good standing who identify with the Chapter as dues paying members.


C. An updated chapter action/strategic plan for the next three years, which describes:

  • future participation in the SOPHE governance process

  • implementation of the SOPHE policies at the chapter level

  • recruitment and professional development of Health Educators

  • promotion of standards for the preparation and practice of Health Educators

  • involvement with issues that affect professional Health Educators


D. Review and recommendation by the SOPHE Chapter Development Committee.

Section 3- Criteria for Chapter Affiliation

A. By-laws which are not in conflict with those of the Society

B. A slate of officers and an Executive Committee

C. A President who shall be a SOPHE Fellow in good standing

D. One delegate, who is a SOPHE Fellow in good standing, to the House of Delegates with one vote for every fifteen SOPHE Fellows in good standing, to be determined thirty days prior to the House of Delegates Annual Meeting.

E. Provision for non-SOPHE Fellows as Chapter Members.

F. Dues, supplementary to those of the Society, consistent with the Chapter’s program.


Section 4- Responsibilities of Chapter

A. Each chapter shall conduct at last two meetings of its membership per year, at least one of which shall include a business meeting, held not later than thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting of SOPHE, Inc.


B. Each chapter shall prepare an annual report, to be distributed at the Annual Meeting of the Society.


C. Each chapter shall send an elected delegate (a SOPHE Fellow) to meetings of the House of Delegates.

D. Each chapter shall conduct at least one continuing professional education program each year.

Section 5-Subdivision

Chapters already designated may subdivide to form two or more approved chapters. The newly formed chapters shall seek designation by the Board in accordance with Section 1 through 4 of this Article.

Revised 10/2012